25/6/17 Local and International Talent at Richmond and Zetland Harriers

This week Richmonds athletes were spread from Newton Aycliffe 10K, the Tuff Puff Chuff Challenge, Pieces of Eight, Penshaw Half marathon, Yeovil, NYSD track league and to the Harrogate summer league at Wetherby.  Marc Scott has also been selected as a full senior international for team GB and will represent Team GB and NI at the European team championships in the 3000m to be held in Lille, France on the 23rd – 25th June. 

Ian Hepworth took a trip down to Yeovil in search of a good for age time to be able to run the London Marathon in which he duly did in 137th place (4:25:37, V70). Vicky Smith was also involved in the North Yorkshire school competition held at York and had a great run in the Inter girls 1500m to finish on the podium in 3rd (5:46:0). 

Three of our athletes took on racing the train from Grosmont to Goathland along the edge of the moors, a tough enough run without the added edge of racing a steam train! Mike Jeffries mastered the terrain and the pacing better than anyone and came home victorious in 1st a minute ahead of the next challenger (55:01), he was followed by the flying Steve Sadler in 32nd and the 3rd V50 athlete ((1:05:58) and Deb Pennock continued her good form in 288th (1:36:28). 

Also out on the trails and climbs where our three lady muskateers of Nicki Buckett, Jane Bond and Natalie Wood who took on the might of the Outlaws Pieces of Eight, Penshaw Half Marathon held near the picturesque area around the Penshaw monument near Sunderland. They cruised round with Nicki having an excellent run and back first in 166th (3:01:32), Jane also having a fine outing next in 187th (3:23:36) and Natalie also running well for 198th(3:32:49).  

The latest round of the NYSD track league was held at Middlesborough and had some fine performances from our athletes both young and slightly older! Faith Andrews produced a tremendous performance in the U11 75m to finish a clear winner in a new pb (11:2, pb). In the senior 100m, Ben Ross-Russel smashed his pb yet again in the 100m (11:7, pb), in heat 2 Joey Hewson was just outside her best in 4th (13:5), Eliza Withers in heat 4, also destroyed her pb in the 4th heat (13:6, pb) and not to be outdone by the youngsters Kristy Kettlewell took 4th in heat 6 in a new lifetime best (15:6, pb). In the U15 boys Ewan Baxter was just outside his best in 6th (15:5), Josh Hammett also set a new best time in the U13 boys 100m (14:3, pb), Thomas Greer was 5th in heat 2 (19:1) and Liam Clement was 5th in heat 3 also in a new best time (17:0, pb). In heat 3 of the U13 girls 100m, Shannon Robinson had a good run in 3rd in a new pb (15:9, pb). Ewan Baxter absolutely destroyed his previous best in the U15B 300m in 6th (49:5). In the 1st heat of the senior 400m, Adam Walker equalled his best ever time in 2nd (51:6, pb), Luke Hack also proved that he can run at this distance in 6th by taking 3 seconds off his pb (55:0, pb). In the 1st heat of the U13 boys 1500m all our athletes achieved excellent new pb’s, Josh Hammett was 4th (5:11:9, pb), Tom O’Mahoney next in 5th (5:12: 5, pb), Liam Clement in 17th (6:05:9, pb) and Thomas Greer in 18th (7:03:9, pb). Shannon Robinson was an excellent 3rd in the 1500m in another big pb (5:34:2). Kyle Rabjohn ran away with the U15 3000m to finish 1st (10:20:4), with Chloe Dalton 9th in the same race (11:57:12, sb) and Anna Harrison smashing her personnal best with a great run in 11th (12:21:0). 

In the first heat in the senior 3000m race Reece Dalton destroyed his previous best by 50 seconds in 2nd (9:07:0, pb), Sam Kettlewell having a superb run in 17th (10:52:4, pb) and Mark Fletcher was 13th in heat 2 (12:31:9, pb). Tom O’Mahoney had a great leap to take 4th in the U13 boys long jump (4:03, pb), with Josh Hammett just behind in 5th and another pb (3:74, pb) and Liam Clement also in pb form in 13th (2:93, pb). Kristy Kettlewell was the top V40 in the senior ladies long jump in 5th in a new pb (3:66, pb) and Faith Andrews had a superb leap in the U11 girls for 2nd in a new pb (3:18, pb). In the senior men shot put Mark Fletcher was 4th and the top V40 (4:99, sb), Kristy Kettlewell produed an excellent throw to take 2nd in the senior ladies event and the top V40 (7:09, pb) and Abbie Robson had a great put to take 4th in the U15 girls in a big new life time best (7:38, pb). In the senior mens hammer Mark Fletcher took 2nd and the top V40 (13:22, sb) and Fiona Wilson also took 2nd and the top V45 in the senior ladies hammer (13:56, pb). 

The latest round of the Harrogate road racing summer league was held at Wetherby and again some excellent finishes by our athletes. Reece Dalton was 3rd (23:42), Rob Scott just behind in 4th (24:04), Ronie Corbett in 39th(27:48), Donna Riddler in 147th (32:08), a great run from Kevin Bond in 149th (32:12), Chloe Dalton in 187th(33:28), Nicki Buckett in 400th (43:25) and Jane Bond in 423rd (45:56). This week also had the latest round of the Harrogate summer league with Reece Dalton in 2nd (31:41), Kevin Bond in another good performance in 92nd(41:14), Chloe Dalton in 160th (44:37), Nicki Buckett in 346th (57:53) and Jane Bond in 376th (59:45). 

At the recent Aquathlon held at Thirsk, Sarah Gregory produced had great event to come 4th overall, the 2nd lady and the 1st V40 athlete after a 400m swim and a 2km run. Not to be outdone by mum, her son Aston also had a top performance and was 4th in the Tristar event for children aged 8 and the 3rd boy after a 50m swim and a 600m run. 

At Darlington parkrun, Andy Buckley was 4th (18:30), Steve Middleton was next in 5th (18:32), Shona Fletcher in 16th (20:02) and the 1st lady and Ian Hepworth in 103rd (25:45). At Fountains Abbey Reece Dalton was 1st(16:06). 

The newest parkrun in the area was duly christened this week on Catterick racecourse. An amazing 503 runners took to the start line and a large number of Richmond and Zetland Harriers. Luke Hack was the 1st harrier to finish in 3rd (17:49), followed by Dave Hack in 5th (18:18) and young Kyle Rabjohn in 8th (18:48). Lewis Moore was 55th(20:54), Kevin Bond in 61st (20:59), Shaun Purkiss in 68th (21:08), Ralph Chisholm in 70th (21:12), George McCowie in 110th (22:01), Holly McCowie in 160th (23:22), Laura Kirkham in 166th (23:29), Ryan Greer in 229th(26:20), Michelle Withers (27:27), Joe Withers in 285th (28:16), Diane Adkins in 315th (29:44), Lucas Holmes in 329th (30:04), Nicki Buckett in 354th (no time), Alex Canizo in 367th (no time), Karen Greer in 423rd (no time) and Susie McCowie in 478th (no time). 

In other news, rumours abound that the Flying Scotsman had returned to Northallerton, however it just turned out to be Mark Fletcher going for a run in the hot weather. Anyone wishing to get some strength and conditioning training in this summer should contact either Jo or Rosie Adams, who will provide plenty of dead lifts to load trailers for anyone in need of some excellent horse hay at extremely good value!