Evening All

As you may have guessed, with another national lockdown on the horizon, we will have to stop training for at least the next 4 weeks.

Tuesday (3rd November) will be the last senior's session at the track and there will be NO junior session on Thursday.

We are all very sad, that we will now have to stop again, having done everything possible to ensure that the sessions were Covid-secure and we were operating within the guidelines.

As soon as lockdown is lifted (hopefully on 2nd December) then we will be in touch regarding the start of sessions again.

Until then, please stay safe and healthy and train when you can (within guidelines) to maintain fitness.

Also in addition please see following information below

That whilst the club is subject to Covid security measures or not training at all due to Lock Downs ! unfortunately we can not accept any New Junior Membership Applications .
Seniors is Similar due to Numbers allowed for Track sessions . Enquiries welcome though . or, Club FaceBook pages

Take care and look out for each other. We'll be in touch and see you all soon.

Many Thanks
RZH Team